With a wide range of competence, we offer you all services and all-round safe operation of your plant.

Our products and services are as follows:



Production, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of new construction, conversion, extension and strengthening of all liquid gas, ammoniac and aerosol installations in all dimensions as for example:

Dreieck   Liquid gas storage, consumption and distribution facilities by road, rail or ship
Dreieck   Autogas, Track-Gas, LPG-Skid-systems and cylinder filling systems
Dreieck   Vaporizer up to 6.000 Kg / h
Dreieck   Gas/air Mixing Systems
Dreieck   Liquefied gas systems and conditioning installations for biogas plants
Dreieck   Sprinkler systems (based on protection concept)
Dreieck   Central Gas supply network for example for local community
Dreieck   Inspections of the tank and the pipeline
Dreieck   Gas warning systems
Dreieck   Pipeline construction for example with pipe made from steel, copper, PE-HD and stainless steel as well through certified welding staff
Dreieck   All works on existing system controls for measuring and control technology (MSR)
Dreieck   Upon request, all assembly groups and special installations



Production, delivery and installation of assembly groups and facilities as well as follows:


Dreieck   Vaporizers, Compressors and pressure boosting systems
Dreieck   Autogas, Track-Gas, LPG-Skid-systems and cylinder filling systems of all sizes and types
Dreieck   Pressure regulator stations, Gas pressure measurement systems, Gas-mixing plants, Gas pressure boosting systems and conditioning installations
Dreieck   LPG-Torch for the liquid and the gas phase as well
Dreieck   In-house production of various fittings such as Differential pressure valves, Breakaway couplings, etc. as well as, upon request.
Dreieck   Manufacturing of pressure equipment, such as tanks, welded parts by our continuously trained welding department
Dreieck   Manufacturing of all welding parts and welding constructions, based on customer´s request. On request we also use parts, which are galvanised, painted or powder-coated as well.
Dreieck   Permanent well-sorted stocks of rental equipment, such as Vaporizers, LPG-Skid-Systems, Autogas-Filling-Stations as well as various Gas Torch.
Dreieck   Manufacturing of special plants, welded parts as well as components, based on customer´s request.



Specialist retail of fittings as well as a specialized supplier for the industries as for example of LPG, CNG, LNG, Ammoniac, aerosol as well as for the power plant technology, Industry of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical companies, in addition to pipelines and environment engineering – from the standard product to the special fittings.

Dreieck   Regular and well assorted stock for over 20.000 items
Dreieck   Large assortment of pumps and compressors
Dreieck   Various vaporizer systems, permanently available,  even on rental basis
Dreieck   Well assorted special range of gaskets, pipes, flanges, pipe bends, welding fittings, accessories and more
Dreieck   Various LPG-Dispensers manufactured by ourselves, permanently available, also with electronic data acquisition system
Dreieck   Measurement equipment, also  for usage subject to calibration (sales to third parties)
Dreieck   Electrical material and components as well as electrical cabinets for control units, energy distributors available within short delivery times and more.
Dreieck   Well assorted partner´s product range as the following subjects listed as for examples DIN – high-pressure-valves, ASME and DIN-Shut-off valves, backflow protection, ball valves, butterfly valves, special fittings available in different sizes, materials, designs and pressure levels



 Electrical, switch cabinet and special constructions - Specialized supplier of all electrical components focused on plants as well as commercial and industrial automation

Dreieck   Entire automation solutions according to customer requirements
Dreieck   Cost flexibility with the highest quality of MSR technology
Dreieck   Main and sub-distributor panels as well as energy distributor, control and measurement cabinets
Dreieck   Switching and control panels as well as visualisation system of all process flows
Dreieck   Switch cabinet construction and switchboard plants from prototype to series production
Dreieck   Electrical and electronic solutions according to customer requirements
Dreieck   Programming of PLC control-units
Dreieck   Creation of circuit diagrams
Dreieck   Assembling of components and subassemblies
Dreieck   New constructions , conversion and extension of switching cabinets and switchgear systems
Dreieck   Special constructions and solutions according to customer requirements, and more


HOAI (Services and fees for architects and engineers)-Engineering under § 5 according to fields and business segments for:

Dreieck   Automation, process, commercial, industrial and storage plants for LPG, CNG, LNG. Ammoniac, aerosol as well as for all biogases
Dreieck   Liquid gas storage and distribution facilities
Dreieck   Liquid gas facilities of all possible scales as well as assemblies planning
Dreieck   Vaporizers, Compressors and pressure boosting systems
Dreieck   Autogas, Track-Gas, LPG-Skid-systems and cylinder filling systems of all sizes and types as well as on a turnkey basis
Dreieck   Pressure regulator stations, Gas pressure measurement systems, Gas-mixing plants, Gas pressure boosting systems and conditioning installations
Dreieck   Amendment and proposal preparation of license and permit application according to § 13 BetrSicher (Industrial safety Regulation) and BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) – ready for signature
Dreieck   Risk assessment, explosion protection documents as well as protection concepts and more, according to Industrial safety regulation
Dreieck   Alarm systems and emergency plans
Dreieck   Safety assessments for existing installations
Dreieck   Schematic drawings of installations, as well as piping plans, etc. through our own Computer Aided Design (CAD)- Department
Dreieck   Electrical cabinet and special constructions for machines, commercial and industrial automation


Powerful and branch-related After-Sales Partner for all maintenances, services and repairs.




Dreieck   Telephone support & 24 h – Emergency Service
Dreieck   Service agreement - Full-Service or a special agreement according to customer requirements
Dreieck   Periodic inspections for such as LPG, LNG, CNG, DME, Ammoniac  and Aerosol installations
Dreieck   Nationwide inspections of Liquid gas dispenser for usage subject to calibration (sales to third parties) with our own calibration vehicles.
Dreieck   Regular inspection of pipelines and gas warning system as well.
Dreieck   Periodic internal and external inspection of pressure tanks.
Dreieck   Updating of the explosion-protection in a potentially explosive-risk areas
Dreieck   Acoustic Emission Testing of pressure tanks in close cooperation with the TÜV
Dreieck   Preparations and professional accompaniment during the acceptance and commissioning of all LPG-Facilities
Dreieck   More than 20 well-sorted and fully equipped service vehicles  with trained service specialists, which are operating  all over Germany
Dreieck   Repairs of pumps, compressors, vaporizers, fittings, road tankers, measurement instruments, dispensers and LPG-Facilities as well, and more.


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