LPG emergency supply

We plan and install your gas emergency supply !!!
A backup system for your security of supply.



LPG large plants

We build your liquid gas plant !!!
From planning to final acceptance - everything from a single source!



Fittings wholesale

We are a specialist supplier for all branches and departments !!!
From the standard to the special fitting.


Project planning

All from a single source

Whether small bottling plant or large fire simulation,
we are there for you with passion!



Gas bottle vending/exchange machine

Gas bottle sale and exchange around the clock!


Welcome to PA-Salzgitter

Innovative technologies

The solutions we develop are just as individual as the requirements of our customers, as individual, innovative and efficient. Our employees and material are always up to date with the latest technology. The strength of our company begins where the range of services offered by our competitors ends.

Forward-looking energy concepts

In terms of energy and ecology, we are looking “green” into the future and, in addition to conventional propane / butane / LPG systems, offer new concepts for flammable refrigerants and the environmentally friendly propulsion fuels hydrogen, LNG and CNG.

Extensive responsibility

As an agile, family-run, innovative company, we are committed to responsibility towards customers, suppliers, employees and our environment. This is the benchmark for our daily work in terms of the tasks we are given.

Competence from a single source!

From analyzing your requirements to finding solutions to technical implementation, you get everything from a single source.

planning and construction

engeneering and assembly

maintenance and service

We also advise you on any necessary bureaucratic steps and help with the application.

After the construction of your system, we will be happy to take over the service work and the regular tests.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a spare part, need maintenance for an aggregate of your biogas plant or are planning an LPG filling station, we are there for you and are at your disposal with words and deeds.

We offer you the all-round carefree package !
Please ask us !

Our business areas

Public tank systems

Public tank systems

AUTOGAS filling stations for cars, trucks, buses and boats in compact or split design.

tank systems

Non-public tank systems

LPG filling stations for in-house applications in a compact or split design for vehicle fleets, forklifts and / or other industrial trucks.

Liquid gas

Liquid gas evaporation systems

Dry evaporator, hot water evaporator, AZW systems (patented physical state converter)

Fire simulation systems

Fire simulation systems

Realistic fire simulation for the successful training of fire fighters and rescue workers.

Flare systems

Flare systems

Flare systems for gas and liquid phases For flaring gas and / or liquid phases, e.g. when emptying vehicles, we offer various systems in different dimensions.

gas bottle filling systems

gas bottle filling systems

Systems for liquefied gas bottling. We supply high quality, fully automatic filling and checkweighers and complete filling systems and accessories.

LNG systems

LNG tank systems

LNG tank systems for bulk consumers

CNG systems

CNG tank systems

CNG tank systems

Large liquid gas systems

Large container systems

Large-scale liquid gas systems

Refrigerant technology

Refrigerant technology

Technical solutions for flammable refrigerants Systems for the use of flammable refrigerants (A2L / A3) taking into account the explosion protection guidelines.

Compressor units

Compressor units

Compressors in different designs for decanting and suction.

Pump units

Pump units

PA quality pump units offer the right solution for every LPG application.

We offer quality original parts from ...

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PA Propan & Ammoniak
Anlagen GmbH

Erzwäsche 50-51
38229 Salzgitter OT Gebhardshagen

Telefon 0 53 41 - 8 76 88 - 0
Telefax 0 53 41 - 8 76 88 - 191


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