LPG filling station incl. Dispenser and storage tank for refueling cars, trucks, buses, boats as a compact filling station on a base frame or with separately installated storage tank (Storage tank in overground or underground execution)

Our LPG filling stations expand the offer of the "normal" public filling station with the possibility to sell LPG. With a wide variety of designs equipped with various payment systems, displays and control units, we offer the right solution for every application and available area.


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autogas tankstelle

LPG Filling/Refueling systems for internal application on a base frame or with separately installated storage tank (Storage tank in overground or underground execution)

Whether vehicle fleet, forklift, truck or other industrial applications. With our customized and modular solutions for efficient LPG fleet supply, you can keep your business running. The systems can be dimensioned to any fleet size and the different operating modes offer solutions for many applications.

Further Designs
Mobile Filling Unit (1 Hector capacity) >>>
Balloon Bottle Filling Unit >>>
• Unit on rental basis

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• LPG-Dry-Vaporizer >>>

• LPG-Hot-Water-Vaporizer >>>

• PA-AZW-Vaporizer (Gas Converter Unit) - Patented Product >>>
Patented LPG converter for saving-energy operation on your LPG installation. Existing installations can be retrofitted with our AZW-System.




Realistic engineering design of fire simulation for the successful training of firefighters and rescue staff

We provide simulation systems for a wide variety of fire fighting applications with innovative liquid gas technology to ensure smooth and efficient training operations.

• Fire simulation for land vehicles
• Fire simulation for aircraft
• Fire simulation for houses and idustrial buildings
• and much more

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Torch for the burning of gas and liquid phase

For burning of gas and/or liquid phase (Propane) from vehicle Storage tanks, we offer you various configurations and capacities.

• Torch for the gas phase burning
• Torch for the gas and liquid phase burning
• Junior-Torch
• CNG-Torch
• Special Torch
• Torch on a rental basis

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Professional LPG cylinder filling installations (suitable for calibration)

The company PA-Salzgitter has designed a high-quality, fully automatic check and filling scales "and complete filling systems incl. the required accessories such as:

  • Full automatic check and filling scales
  • Assembly of storage tank and pumping unit
  • Single electronic cylinder filling scale
  • Compact units
  • Fully equipped cylinder filling unit incl. the necessary accessories
  • Cylinder filling unit with multiple electronic scale
  • Evacuation units for emptying of defected gas cylinder

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Technical solutions designed for flammable refrigerants (A2L / A3) according to Ex-regulations

The design could be a subject to your individual requirements.

  • Filling stations for flammable refrigerants
  • Stationary Evacuation and charging units for refrigeration system
  • Mobile Evacuation and charging units

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Compressor units in diefferent configurations for filling and evacuation applications

We supply complete solutions including piping and the required safety devices, The design could be a subject to your individual requirements.

  • Typ D91
  • Typ 291 / D291
  • Typ 491 / D491

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Kompressor 1

PA Pump technology offers the right solution for every application.


  • Evacuation pumps
  • Submerged pumps
  • Piston pumps
  • SIHI-Side Channel pumps

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PA Saugpumpe PCXA 3102

Benefit from a wide product range with more than 20.000 articles

  • Valves
  • Couplings
  • Slides
  • Check valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Ball valves (Optional: with actuator)
  • and much more

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