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Special system for TU Braunschweig ZeBra (Center for Fire Protection)

October 2022 (project completion) - Technical University of Braunschweig

You can find a nice time-lapse video about the construction of the ZeBra HERE.

Project description:

Special system for the TU Braunschweig ZeBra (centre for fire research) for the operation of two liquid gas burners with an output of 20 MW for the calibration of a large calorimeter including the construction of a liquid gas system, piping and all safety devices.

Consisting of the following components:

  • Underground liquid gas tank 2.9 t including all necessary fittings
  • 2x PA flares with a power of 10 MW
  • Pipelines in the test hall and in the measuring rooms
  • Gas control system installed in the protective cabinet
  • MSR control cabinet including PLC for controlling the solenoid valves, overfill protection, remote level indicator, control fittings, flow measurement, potential-free contacts for the control station
  • Glow stick to ignite the torches
  • 2x LPG hose reels
Schemazeichnung Armaturen-Schutzschrank

The two 10 MW flare systems in action

Construction impressions TU Braunschweig - center for fire protection

TUBS ZeBra 001
TUBS ZeBra 002
TUBS ZeBra 003
TUBS ZeBra 004
TUBS ZeBra 005
TUBS ZeBra 006
TUBS ZeBra 007
TUBS ZeBra 008
TUBS ZeBra 009

184 tons of natural gas backup solution

January 2023 (start of construction) - Klingspor AG Haiger

Project description:

Due to the war in Ukraine and the associated shortage of natural gas in Germany the company PA Propan und Ammonium Anlagen from Salzgitter is building a natural gas backup solution for Klingspor AG in Haiger. Up to 400 m³ (400,000 l) of liquid gas are stored which are made available in the event of a fault via a hot water evaporator system and an air-gas mixing system for the burners.

Consisting of the following components:

  • 1 x liquid gas tank in trench storage with a nominal capacity of 400 m³, stored quantity 184 t.
  • 1 x truck transfer station that can be driven over, with filling and pendulum connection including breakaway couplings and safety devices
  • 1 x heating system with a 204 kW boiler installed in a 10' sea container
  • 1 x WW evaporator system with a capacity of 1200 kg/h installed in a 20' sea container
  • 1 x gas-air mixing system installed in the 30' sea container, output 1200 Nm³/h
  • 1 x redundant pressure control line, capacity 1200 Nm³/h mixed gas
  • Complete fittings and safety technology for the tanks of group C and TKW transfer station
  • Ex-proof gas warning system
  • Electrical MSR control of the system at the highest safety level (Simatic S7)
3D-Zeichnung der Anlage

Building impressions of Klingspor AG

Klingspor 01
Klingspor 02
Klingspor 03
Klingspor 04
Klingspor 05
Klingspor 06
Klingspor 07
Klingspor 08
Klingspor 09
Klingspor 10
Klingspor 11
Klingspor 12
Klingspor 13
Klingspor 14
Klingspor 15
Klingspor 17
Klingspor 18

840.000 l liquid gas storage and withdrawal facility

September 2021 (start of construction) - Beiersdorf AG Leipzig

Project description:

As part of Beiersdorf AG's new plant construction in Leipzig we are supplying the entire liquid gas supply for the new production facility with a planned total volume of 720,000 liters.

Consisting of the following components:

  • Storage container system (underground)
    8 (in the expansion 11) high-capacity containers
  • TKW transfer station
  • Booster systems
  • Pipe system to the extraction houses
  • Electrical control of the system

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Delivery of the complete system
  • Assembly incl. spilling of the tanks
  • Installation of all electrical engineering
  • Connection and commissioning
Installation of the first storage containers

Impressions of the construction progress


LNG tank system with two fuel pumps

September 2021 (project completion) - Fa. Godelmann in Fensterbach

Start of construction in July 2021

Project description:

LNG plant with a horizontal 70 m³ container and two LNG pumps

Consists of the following components:

  • double-walled cryotank for minimal evaporation,
    LNG capacity 25 tons, 14.5 mx ø 3.8 m,
    empty weight 30 tons
  • cryogenic centrifugal pump for truck refueling
  • two newly developed special LNG dispensers for
    safe, easy and ergonomic refueling

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Delivery of the system
  • complete electrical engineering
  • Connection of the LNG dispensers (including MID approval)
  • Commissioning of the LNG plant
  • Accompanying the TÜV acceptance
  • Trial run
  • Training of the operating staff

Fire simulation system at Stuttgart Airport

Juli 2021 (Projektabschluß). July 2021 (project completion). You can find the video of the opening ceremony HERE.

Project description:

Delivery of a 20 "gas supply container with a 2.9 t liquid gas container (installed in the container)

Consists of the following components:

  • Above-ground 2.9 t container in special design
  • 2 Sihi pump units as a multi-stage side channel pump
    including two 5.5 KW Ex motors
  • 20 "technology container as standard
    with required individual renovation work
  • Exterior paintwork in red / white according to customer specifications
  • Interior painting according to customer specifications
  • Remote content display with digital display of the fill level
    in percent in the filling room

Filling and evacuation system for refrigerants

June 2021 (finished )

Project description:

Development of an explosion-proof filling and evacuation system for flammable refrigerants according to customer specifications.

For a well-known company in the field of "heat pumps and refrigerant technology", we have developed two systems especially for our customers with which flammable refrigerants can be filled and extracted.

The use of explosion-proof electronic scales ensures that the refrigerant is filled and extracted to the nearest gram.

On request, we develop special solutions for our customers that are otherwise not available on the market.


Bottle filling system in a container

May 2021 (finished )

Project description:

P&A bottle filling plant with a 2.9 t container in a 20 foot container - "turnkey" execution of the project

Consists of the following components:

  • LPG storage tanks
    2.9 t - liquid gas container with standard fittings
  • Fully automatic filling scale
    3-stage SIHI side channel pump
  • Control cabinet for elektrical control
    Complete control technology of the system with dry run protection etc.
  • 10 foot steel container
    Floor lined with non-slip sheet steel etc.

Storage and evaporation plant (Egypt)

April 2021 (finished)

Project description:

System for the storage and evaporation of liquid gas (propane / butane) for the normal operation of a flare system.

Consists of the following components:

  • 2 pieces of liquid gas storage containers
    Operational switching of the containers manually
    Capacity / container 6400 liters
  • 1 piece of hot water evaporator
    Liquid gas from the storage containers will be evaporated into fuel gas
    Evaporator output 300 kg / h
  • 1 piece of truck filling station
    Connection of tank trucks for filling the liquid gas storage containers using the gas displacement method with an empty hose system

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