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PA Salzgitter is a specialist fittings dealer and specialist supplier for all sectors and specialist areas!

From LPG, CNG, LNG, ammonia, aerosols and for power plant technology, oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical companies, pipeline and environmental technology - from standard to special fittings.


PA fittings catalogue



Couplings cryogenic media

Vulkan EIGA couplings and adapters as well as Vulkan hose couplings and adapter system "Messer".


PA Salzgitter is more than a classic manufacturer, plant constructor and supplier!

The distributed fittings and seals are also used internationally in the energy sector. This is excerpted from small and large plant construction to pipeline construction for power plant technology, refineries, the chemical and petrochemical industry, for plants and pipelines in the oil and gas industry and the direct operator market.


PA Salzgitter is a full-service partner for national and international projects!

Together with strong partners, PA mediates or is available as a consultant, engineer, producer, supplier, logistician and after-sales service partner to customers as a full-service company - nationally and internationally (supplies, services, solutions). Linked to this is a powerful project management system. This guarantees a cost-optimized, technically high-quality and qualitatively flawless processing within the specified time frame.

PA Salzgitter develops tailor-made, individual product solutions !

Together with partner companies, PA Salzgitter develops customized solutions based on a holistic business model for industrial valves (on/off valves, control and safety technology, drive technology, etc.) and metallic sealing technology in accordance with DIN, ANSI, ASME, JIS, AFNOR and BS standards.

We are known for supplying application-oriented product solutions that are often completely customized and therefore highly functional. This customer-oriented product flexibility according to the highest quality standards always guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.


PA Salzgitter cares for customers from the following areas:

  • International large-scale plant construction
  • Plant, pipeline and boiler construction
  • plant operator
  • service and trading companies

Power plants

plant types

  • coal power plants
  • gas turbine power plants
  • steam turbine power plants
  • Solar thermal power plants
  • nuclear power plants

plant areas

  • cooling water
  • boiler area
  • capacitor
  • feed water
  • turbine area

types of fittings

  • slider
  • valves
  • check valves
  • butterfly valves
  • ventilator
  • condensate drain
  • non-return valve
  • special finishes
  • custom made

Oil, Gas, Chemicals

plant types

  • gas processing plants
  • ethylene plants
  • hydrocracker
  • air separation plants
  • hydrogen plants
  • reformer plants
  • Diesel desulfurization plants
  • lubricating oil systems
  • refineries

plant areas

  • oven area
  • reactor area
  • compressor area

types of fittings

  • slider
  • valves
  • check valves
  • butterfly valves
  • Ball valves with and without drive
  • special finishes
  • custom made

Transport and storage systems

plant types

  • Oil, gas and water pipelines
  • pump and compressor stations
  • Oil and gas storage/caverns

types of fittings

  • slider
  • valves
  • check valves
  • butterfly valves
  • Ball valves with and without drive
  • special finishes
  • custom made

Overview of the range of fittings by keyword

We supply fittings for the following media:
propane, butane, propylene, butylene, hydrocarbons, ammonia, refrigerants (R290, R410, R600a, R454B, R134a etc.), dimethyl ether (DME), dimethylethylamine (DMEA), dimethylisopropylamine (DMIPA), triethylamine (TEA), Trimethylamine (TMA), Methylamine, Ethylamine, Dimethylamine etc.

Filling and withdrawal fittings

  • Filling valve and gas return valve
    make Rego, Fisher, SRG, P&A
  • ACME filling and gas recovery couplings
    make Rego, Fisher, P&A
  • ACME reducing
    couplings make Rego, Fisher, P&A
  • ACME sealing caps and ACME plugs
    make Rego, Fisher, SRG, P&A
  • Key for ACME couplings
    make Fisher, P&A
  • Gauge valve ¼" NPT
    make Rego, P&A, Ceodeux
  • Gas sampling valve with overfill protection
    , make SRG, GOK
  • Liquid
    extraction valve make Rego, SRG, Ceodeux, GOK
  • POL connection and POL blind plug
    make Rego, Fisher
  • Filling valve extension with ACME connection,
    make P&A
  • Extensions for overfill protection
    with CEE plug/coupling

    make P&A
  • Coupling for carboys by
    Rego, P&A, TEMA
  • ACME safety filler neck with non-return valve,
    make Rego
  • Extraction connection for filling valves
    make Rego, Fisher, P&A
  • Nozzles / filling guns (ACME, Dish, Bayonet, Euro)
    Make Elaflex, Rego, P&A
  • Adapter for LPG filling with
    M10, M12, M14, M22, W21.8, etc. Make

  • 1¼” ACME; 1 ¾" ACME, 2 ¼" ACME,
    3 ¼" ACME, 4 ¼" ACME seals
  • Pressure gauge for gas sampling valve
    make SRG, GOK, P&A

Safety valves (Witt, Rego etc.)

  • Proportional spring-loaded safety valve,
    with/without lifting

    , manufactured by Leser, ARI
  • Full-lift spring safety valve,
    with/without lifting

    , manufactured by Leser, ARI
  • Pipeline safety valves,
    material brass, stainless steel

    Make Witt, Rego
  • Container safety valves
    make GOK, SRG, Rego, Fisher
  • Adapter for SV blow-off line
    make Witt, Rego, P&A, SRG
  • Rain caps for safety valves
    make Witt, Rego, P&A, SRG
  • Flange spacers
    make P&A
  • Safety valve
    units make P&A

Measuring and indicating devices

  • Content Gauges
    (Junior, Senior, Magnetel, etc.)
  • Content indicator for large containers
  • Level indicator for road tankers
  • Flange for indicator large device
  • Flange seals for level indicators
    (Junior, Senior, Magnetel etc.)
  • Scales
    (Junior, Schulz & Rackow, Senior, Magnetel etc.)
  • Content indicator screws
  • Protective caps for content indicators
  • Overfill Protection (CMT)
  • Local and pressure remote indication
  • Remote temperature display
  • Electronic dry run protection
  • rotary sounding tube
  • flow indicator
  • pressure switch
  • min/max pressure limiter
  • safety pressure limiter
  • Differential pressure switch
  • manometer
  • Pressure gauge shut-off valve
  • Pressure gauge double shut-off valve
  • push button valve
  • print recorder
  • Bimetal pointer thermometer
  • Spring-pointer remote thermometer
  • flow sight glass
  • Pressure and temperature measuring flange
  • Complete volume measurement system
  • LPG meter
  • mass measuring system
  • Electronic flow meter
  • Turbine meter (quantometer)
  • LPG annular piston flow meter
  • pressure control valve
  • gas separator
  • fine filter etc.

Pressure regulators and safety shut-off valves

  • Proportional spring-loaded safety valve, with/without lifting,
    manufactured by Leser
  • ARI low pressure regulator
    (Müller, GOK etc.)
  • Pressure regulator (with auxiliary energy)
  • medium pressure regulator
  • Safety shut-off valve "SAV"
  • Safety relief valve "SBV"

Safety fittings

  • pipe rupture valve
  • check valve
  • mud flaps
  • methanol filling device
  • separator
  • water pot
  • compensator
  • breakaway coupling etc.

LPG high-pressure hoses (Elaflex, Brugg etc.)

  • LPG high pressure hose
    (DN10, DN16, DN19, DN25, DN32, DN50, DN75 etc.)
  • hose connection
  • LPG hose integration
  • complete high-pressure hose
  • seals
  • corrugated hose etc.

Welding and connecting parts

  • Socket / double socket
  • Stump / Double Stump
  • Welding neck flange, blind flange, threaded flange
  • reducer
  • tee
  • pipe elbow
  • 90° arc
  • screw connection
  • Plug (with NPT thread)
  • Flange with socket / flange with socket
  • dished end
  • fitting
  • dome cover seal
  • weld lip seal
  • screws
  • studs
  • steel pipe
  • stainless steel corrugated pipe
  • precision steel tube
  • copper pipe
  • solder sleeve
  • Connections for filling lines
  • External overfill protection

Compressed air system and piping accessories

  • sealant
  • copper paste
  • Teflon sealing tape
  • gas warning tape
  • leak detector
  • corrosion protection
  • Manhole fire protection insulation
  • wall bushing
  • Tank anchors for containers
  • LPG torches
  • detonation fuse
  • wind direction indicator
  • fire extinguisher
  • test case
  • Nitrogen Pressure Regulator
  • Isotest device
  • air compressor
  • water separator
  • Compressed air refrigeration dryer
  • compressed air hose
  • connectors
  • insulator
  • Pair of insulating flanges
  • Insulation Conversion Kit
  • separation spark gap

Shut-off-, quick-closing- and overflow-fittings

  • shut-off valve
  • shuttle valve
  • safety ball valve
  • straight valve
  • angle valve
  • Shut off / needle valve
  • Lever quick-acting valve
  • Flanged ball valve
  • ball valve
  • Multi-way ball valve
  • Quick-closing ball valve
  • magnetic valve
  • overflow valve

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