PA pump technology

PA suction pump PCXA 3102

In cooperation with a German pump manufacturer, we have developed a powerful and robust suction pump that can replace the previously used submersible pumps in above-ground and underground tanks in the future. Since installation in inlet operation is also possible, problems caused by gas bubble formation are a thing of the past.
The new PA suction pump is superior to other well-known LPG pumps in terms of quality, performance, suction behavior, functionality and technology. Another outstanding feature of the pump is its compact design, because the explosion-proof motor forms a unit with the pump body (hermetically sealed connections between motor and pump).

Item No. 11.00960

PA submersible pump 300V17 (receiving unit separately)

Red Jacket submersible pump type PA-LPG300V17-21-PREMIER, (vertical version) with a 2.25 KW ex-motor, (400 V, 50 Hz), PN 25 capacity approx. 50 l/min with a pressure increase of approx. 8.0 bar, max. differential pressure approx. 9.0 - 9.5 bar suitable for pumping propane/butane, version without intake unit and fittings.

The pump is cooled and lubricated by the product to be pumped. The required minimum differential pressure of 4 bar (58psi) is to guarantee that all stages are immersed in LPG during operation. The pump is designed in such a way that it can work both continuously and intermittently with a maximum of 30 on/off cycles per hour.

Item No. 11.00960


PA piston pump KPM-1

side channel pumps. submersible pumps. vane pumps. Compressed Air Piston Pumps. Users and planners will find a large selection of high-quality pressure boosting systems for LPG delivery in plant construction, in process technology and in bottling technology. However, in order to suck liquid gas from the angle valve of a liquid gas tank, there was no adequate pump technology that could be compared to other LPG pumps in terms of quality, performance, suction behavior, functionality and technology until the PA-Salzgitter developed the suction pump PA- KMP-1 and thus set new standards for the extraction of liquid gas from above-ground and underground gas tanks.

With the piston pump PA-KMP-1, however, a high-quality suction pump unit is now available for commercial and private use in the field of "conveying liquid gases". When developing the pump, the main focus was not on large delivery volumes, but on safe and consistent suction behavior in order to use existing liquid gas household containers - without complex conversions - for different "filling systems". It is irrelevant for the "PA-KMP-1" whether the gas has to be sucked in "liquid or gaseous".

Item No. 11.00930

PA SIHI side channel pump

The SI HI side channel pump of the type PA-SC 2003/5 is self-priming, gas-transporting and low-noise. Particularly noteworthy is the NPSH preliminary stage, through which propane/butane can be conveyed without any problems even with unfavorable suction-side conveying conditions. The SIHI side channel pump ensures trouble-free operation even with low inlet heights (unlike the brands Viking, Blackmer, Disco etc.).

PA manual transfer pump

LPG manual transfer pump as an emergency supply, built on a small, stable base frame with integrated transport handles (primed and painted), capacity approx. 0.5 ltr./stroke, with safety valve - but without the required suction and filling hose (available on request). Base frame dimensions: 600 x 800 mm (WxL). With CE conformity certificate.

Item No. 1208008

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